Where it all began?

Written was first created with passion to bring back the traditional art of handwriting to the modern world and to recreate the human connection with handwritten words.

Giving is caring and we see how important it is to show the people we love our appreciation and gratitude. Hence, our mission is “to bring the most meaningful gifts that touch every soul.”
After a period of time offering Hand-written Calligraphy Artworks, we understand that the world needs more thoughtful and meaningful gifts that are not commercialized and standardized. A gift that will truly show the recipients how much they mean to us, and how much thoughts we put into a gift. A gift that is one-of-a-kind.
Written first started as offering Calligraphy Service and Calligraphy Art Prints. We now developed it to a variety of products and services in order to bring the fuzzy feelings for the recipients and the happiness of the givers to see the smiles on their face. And plus, as the giver, giving a gift feels good.
Our approach to business is to create a long-lasting relationship with everyone around us and support them in every way. We’re dedicated to provide unique and memorable gift options that are accessible, affordable and high-quality to our clients and to support local businesses by collaborating with other craft businesses as well as working with our corporate clients.
         - Hayley Vu

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