Why should you hire a Calligrapher for your event?

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Today's world is full of e-commercialization and mass production; Brands and companies are driving towards personalization more and more, From personalized email marketing to creating an individualized customer experience. According to a survey by Infosys, for all the surveyed retailers who offer personalization, 100% experienced at least one benefit from personalization. " The four most commonly cited benefits are an INCREASE in Sale (74%), an increase in Profit (61%), an increase in Online Traffic (58%), and an increase in Customer Loyalty (55%)."

Is it applicable to Calligraphy Industry?


You might be thinking of the traditional handwriting style, but surprise! The art of writing has been developing to cover far more. You can apply modern calligraphy to a variety of surfaces such as glass, ceramic, metal, fabric,.. the list goes on.

Along with the development of the traditional art of writing, nowadays, calligraphers around the world have brought art into personalized goods, products and even mass-produced objects in all different industries. such as hand-engraving on fragrance, bottles, hand-written cards and envelopes, hand-written wedding vows, hand-painted signage... anything you could think of!. It is not only about personalization where a customer gets a product with their name on it. But also because it is hand-made which adds more value and meaning.

Why should you hire a calligrapher for an in-store event?

1. Enhance your Unique selling point (USP) and WOW factor by offering personalized hand-written card or hand-engraved items.

When it comes to selling, it is not always easy to instantly persuade a stranger to buy your product unless you have a High-Value Offer. Have you thought of what would be the Unique Selling Point in your store? What is the reason that causes your customers to keep coming back to you and NOT OTHERS? Besides your skilled salespeople, what would be the add-on to your products?

This is when PERSONALIZATION becomes one of the most popular methods to add more value to your offer. We all know personal selling is one of the most important things in the selling world, but we could push that even further with personalized accessories and other items that will bring the WOW from your clients. Whether it is just a small hand-written card included with the product, a Hand-written name on their gift box, or even their name engraved on the item. It will all create a unique experience for your clients. From my personal experience, in the restaurant I work at, we give out a chocolate spoon for all our hot drinks that no place in the area has offered, which always makes our customers WOW and they love it.

2. Skyrocket your brand loyalists via personalization.

It is proven by science that hearing one's own name has a powerful impact on the listener's brain, which is the reason why 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization, including Coca-Cola, Fabletics, Netflix, Sephora, USAA, and Wells Fargo (source).

As a person who has been working in the Hospitality Industry for 5 years, I understand that every restaurant has to have a number of regular customers to at least have stable sales. Still, to be able to bring in more regular customers, it comes to the fact that we need to make clients become our friends. We engage in the conversation, remember their name, their favourite order, and make them feel familiar to a new place, and at some point make them feel like home and keep coming back because we are closer to them than other places. Let's imagine, if you go to a cafe and hear " Good morning, Jane, I love your story you wrote yesterday about your little girl, I'm sure she will love your boot collection" and "Good morning, what can I get for you?". Although it also depends on the tones, the emotions, and the environment, engaging in the conversation is definitely a key to make customers coming back to you. Hence, I strongly believe that personalized customer experience can change brand loyalists in no time.

3. Brand Exposure after only one unique event - 80/20 Rules

The 80/20 rule demonstrates you can and should disregard 80% of your business activities. They should be delegated or outsourced so you can focus on the top 20% of revenue-producing activities. In other words, we should spend most of our time on activities that drive sales into your business. For myself, 20% of my revenue-producing activities would be emailing potential partnerships, connecting with businesses, coming up with offers & promotions, taking photos, scheduling marketing content, scheming & plotting.

I would say it sounds very obvious to an established company or business that has a marketing department or a person to only focus on working with advertising. However, it comes down to what kind of marketing activities we are doing that are more effective and more unique. If every store has promotions during a peak season like Christmas, Easter, Mother's day..., why would they come to your store?. If you are planning on a promotional event, you would want to focus on activities that would enhance customer experience, advertising, and networking. However, you also want to consider A UNIQUE event that brings UNIQUE Experience. In-store Live Calligraphy is certainly a quite new term in New Zealand, which is even more beneficial because there are not many people doing the same thing. Calligraphy itself is the art of writing that requires calmness, patience, and skills. The process of making a hand-written piece would definitely another attractive point to draw customers in your store on your special event that will enhance your Brand Identity in the competitive selling world.

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