How to prepare for a busy live calligraphy event?

I absolutely love creative ideas when it comes to using Calligraphy for Brand Activation. Westfield St Luke Team reached out to me to personalise Exclusive Christmas Gift Tags for Westfield members at the mall during Christmas Season 2023 

By the end of the event, I have completed nearly 300 Acrylic Gift Tags over the course of 6 hours. 

Here are some tips for expected busy events:

- Choose the right materials/ products: Having the right products/materials that are easy to write/paint on will make a huge difference for the artist and have less waiting time for your customers. In this event, we used Acrylic Gift Tag that made my job so much easier because acrylic is smooth and lightweight. I was able to write a name in less than 1 minute.

- Choose the right artist: you want to find artists who are able to stay under pressure when it comes to a busy event. An experienced artist will be able to produce quality work in a timely manner even when everyone is watching.

- Have a sample: Having a sample or colour options at the desk will help your customers make decisions more easily and will speed up the work.

- Have a staff to help the calligrapher: when everyone is queuing up to order, it is ideal to have someone to help the artist to take the order so that they can save time on admin work. For this event, I had a staff to help me take a list of orders and I was able to catch up with all the orders before they leave.




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