5 Calligraphy & Engraving Brand Activation Idea

Calligraphy Engraving is a timeless and sophisticated art form that has been in existence for thousands of years. Nowadays, it has been used in a variety of ways to enhance a brand's image and create a memorable experience for your brand loyalists.

Here are five easy ways to use live calligraphy engraving for brand activation events:


1. Personalised Calligraphy on your products

If your business is a product-based business, Calligraphy Engraving can be a great way to get new customers or increase your brand awareness. Engravers will usually provide a list of surfaces that they can personalise on. Most engravers will be able to engrave on Glass, Metal surfaces, and Stainless steel. For instance: Fragrances, Cosmetics, Cases, Glasswares, Ornaments,... and more.


2. Personalised Holiday/Special Event Items

Another great idea is to get your audience to interact with your brand using a special theme/occasion. For instance: personalised Christmas Gift tags or Ornaments during the Christmas holiday. Personalised love notes for Valentine's gift packing. The ideas are endless.


3. Branded Gifts

Create a memorable brand experience by adding calligraphy or engraving to your branded gifts. For example: send out your branded glasses with personalised names of supporters who have donated to your fundraising event.


4. Product packaging:

Add a touch of elegance to your product packaging with personalised calligraphy as a complementary gift to every purchase. This works perfectly on special occasions such as Valentine's and Mother's Day when customers look for gifts for their loved ones.


5. Customer thank-you notes

Show your appreciation for business partners by sending personalized calligraphy thank-you notes.


Calligraphy is a versatile and elegant art form that can add a touch of sophistication to any brand activation event. Consider using calligraphy in a variety of ways to create a memorable and unique brand experience for customers.


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