Why you should write letters?

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In the sphere of Calligraphy, Calligraphy Pour Toi would like to point out some meanings of WRITTEN LETTERS. Maybe after this article, you will also find a way to deliver messages that have existed for hundreds of years!


Some of us leave the city to return to the countryside.

Some are interested in collecting and recycling old things.

Some give up industrial vegetables and turn to eat organic.

Some abandon the complexity of life and practise a minimalist lifestyle instead.

Some quit their office job that requires 8 hours per day to work on their dream job.


Going further in industrialization and modernization, the more people want to escape from the rhythm of artificiality and return to a more primitive way of living and find out the meaning of life.

Unintentionally, there is a craft that has been revived and is seen to have sacred meaning in our lives. This craftsmanship requires autonomy, independence and creativity and has become a new trend today, especially in the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19. This craft is calligraphy.

In the sphere of Calligraphy, Calligraphy Pour Toi would like to point out some meanings of WRITTEN LETTERS so that you can understand why more and more people are applying Calligraphy to their lives instead of typing. Maybe after this article, you will also find a way to deliver messages that have existed for hundreds of years!



Imagine after a month studying abroad, you accidentally found a handwritten letter of your lover lying in the corner of the luggage with words of love, how would it feel to you?

What is more wonderful and more touching when receiving a handwritten letter that was carefully written in every single stroke? It really touches your heart more than an email or a couple of mobile messages on a grey winter day in a strange country.

Sincerity is an important element in every relationship. It helps to soften hardened hearts and heal wounds. No one can maintain a relationship without sincerity because then the only thing left will be reluctance, exploitation, pressure.

Handwritten letters are undoubtedly the most perfect way to convey a message besides actions, especially when people live far away from each other or in times when it is hard to say things directly. Only by handwriting can the reader feel the feelings of the writer as his own. Do you remember any scenes in movies when conflicts are resolved by a letter? It is exactly what happens in reality. If you do not believe in it, try pouring out your heart for someone through writing a letter, you will be much more relaxed and relieved.


According to Jennifer L. W. Fink of Scholastic.com, research using MRI scans by Karin H. James from Indian University showed that Handwriting is linked to literacy because of the connection between the motor system of brain and reading.

Therefore, typing does not bring emotions and acumen to the brain like handwriting. For example, if you press A or B, you feel the same while it is different to write on paper. Laura Dinehart, associate professor of early childhood education at Florida International University said that handwriting created a kind of cognitive image of what the letter looks like. That’s why the writing of letters seriously keeps emotions and memories better than typing letters for both the author and the receiver.


Trinh Cong Son - a famous musician in Vietnam - once stirred up the public when his handwritten letters to his lover were published on social media with the sweet words that he imbued with intense, incessant, unending love. He laid them on the yellowed paper background and his sobering rustic lines that made so many people sob. Through those lines, people seem to live in the romantic memories of the late musician, feel his love and nostalgia for his lover without any narration.

Trinh Cong Son and his love written letters

But hold on a second! What if his letters were written on the computer? Can the mechanically perfectly flat words express the invisible emotions of the musician who had so much that he wanted to say? I'm afraid not.

Love handwritten letter by Trinh Cong Son

Love handwritten letter by Trinh Cong Son

What could be able to convey the contents of a human being, free them from their hearts and minds to reach the hearts of others with multi-coloured words written by the author? Although the letters have been buried or stored in one corner of the globe for hundreds of years, when they are opened, they will instantly cause explorers to explode in scenes of writer's memories through old words. It could be living evidence for a period of an entire civilization, or merely of a human being!


“In black and white" is a popular idiom in the world which proves the importance of handwritten letters.

Why was signature born? Because through handwriting, we can confirm the identity of the letter's owner. While the machine-written text has millions of fonts, it is still programmed by machines with absolute precision. How can it PERSONALIZE the traits of a human who has complex neuron engine controlled emotions?

Therefore, a handwritten letter always guarantees the authenticity of a specific person, with a legal value equivalent to the red seal in every country in the world. Through a handwritten letter, you can find a lost relative, authenticate who sent the message, avoid misunderstandings or even traps of your business opponent or someone who wants to harm you.

From now on, pay attention to the handwriting of the people around you. Maybe you'll need it in future!


Even if the recipient and the sender are not lovers but friends, relatives, or colleagues, there is no need to read the second sentence, the letter itself tells the recipient that: “You are a special person because I care about you".

Do you believe that you would never rewrite the letter with 100% of the same size, shape, density, and weight?

Unlike machines that are pre-programmed and never change (without human interaction), people change every day. Every minute, our body has 3 million cells die and millions of new cells are born. Every day we go through many things, receive lots of information and have mood swings. All of them governs brain activity and indirectly makes our writing different from when we first wrote something.

Therefore, even if you copy an existing letter with the same materials, both are still different from each other. It's like when you suddenly see a favorite quote, you write it down then send it to a friend, the message becomes personalized and brings a unique shade to it.

Because of this, there are fake handwritten letters, signatures or repainted paintings that with normal eyes, the difference between the original and the copy may not be able to be realized. Nevertheless, they are not authentic and the original could never be replaced.

If you are getting married, remember to keep The Vows. Aren't they the things you want to have only one version of in life?


One of the methods to help you to stay focused is to practice writing by hand since unkempt thoughts will be gathered into one thread and transmitted to the pen, creating tangible messages.

While working for different companies, interacting with many leaders, I discovered that they had a lot in common in thinking, attitudes and ways of working. One is that they often write or draw when there is a need to think, analyze and explain. Have you ever heard of Mind Mapping? They really like to create mind maps by hand. It helps them to organize their logical thinking, avoid being dominated by emotions, give the right causes and solution to a problem, plan a step-by-step implementation …

The same goes for handwritten letters. Spending time to write down how we feel helps us gather our thoughts, simplify them, change our attitudes and find solutions. If you are experiencing stress because of a deadlock in a problem, write a letter to yourself or to someone. You can send it to them or not, but do not throw them away. When you are calmer, you will laugh at your thoughts when you reread them.

Finally, Calligraphy Pour Toi hopes that you have enough motivation and determination to start writing your personal messages. Let's start by thinking "handwritten letters are a psychological relief” to not be under pressure. You will radically love it.

Calligraphy Pour Toi wishes that you are always healthy, happy, find meaning in life and enjoy every moment!

Your friendly calligrapher,


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