What to engrave on Wine Bottles?

Choosing a meaningful gift for your loved ones sometimes can be a challenge when you want to send a special unique gift but have too many options and get lost in the saturated gift industry on the Internet.

Engraved Gifts are certainly one of the best Luxury Gift Ideas that will make your gift last for a lifetime and the receiver will love it like a fingerprint of their special day, Calligraphy Pour Toi would like to give you 3 WHY’s You should choose Engraving and Some Creative Ideas that will make the receiver feel special and remember you for a lifetime.


  • It Increases the Sentimental Value: Imaging you get a Wine Bottle with you and your partner's name hand-engraved on it on your wedding day. It would carry far more meaning than a normal bottle of wine. Because the gift is Custom Made just for You and it belongs to you. It also holds more meaning, showing how much they care about you and want to remind you of your special occasion.

  • It lasts for a life-time: The art of engraving remains in use today because it is an incredible way to make your gift a long-lasting souvenir that the receiver can keep for a lifetime.

  • You Can Personalize Just About Anything: With the development of technology, personalization has become one of the most popular gift options for everyone. You can choose anything you want to be engraved today, and so you can add more value to a gift and making it a more personal touch for the receiver.

BUT, What to engrave on the Wine Bottle?

Calligraphy Pour Toi will suggest 5 Simple Ideas for Engraved Gift.

# 1: Name or Date

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, father's day, wedding, or a corporate gift, even having just their name on the bottle would make the gift become more personal and unique. Especially if it is an anniversary or wedding gift, adding the date of their special day would make the recipient feel appreciated and want to keep the bottle as a milestone souvenir for their lifetime.

Hand-Engraving on miniature


Wedding gift


# 2: A wish

If you are looking for an unconventional gift for a wine lover, a hand-engraved wine bottle with their name and your simple wish would definitely make it more personal and special. You can give this to anyone on any occasion!

First home gift


Retirement Gift



#3: A question

IMG_9847 (1).jpg

Are you ready to pop the most important question of your life? Why not use this luxury crafted wine bottle to help you express it? It is such a creative way to propose and after the wine is gone, the bottle will be a keepsake for years to come.

An Unique way to propose your loved one


# 4: Song Lyrics

What was the first song you listened to with your loved one? What were you and your besties’ favorite car-pooling song? What was the song that your best friend would play a million times?

Adding a short lyric of their favorite song or what you want to say would absolutely make them enthralled.


Some suggestions for you:

  • "And darling, I will be loving you till we're 70." - Ed Sheeran

  • "We can go anywhere we want. Drive down to the coast, jump in the sea, just take my hand and come with me." — Benny Blanco, Halsey and Khalid, "Eastside"

  • "But you fit me better than my favourite sweater." -Lana Del Rey

  • "All of me loves all of you." - John Legend. "All of you"

  • I'm yours. -Jason Marz- "I'm yours"

  • "If the whole world was watching, I'd still dance with you." -Niall Horan-

  • Take a piece of my heart and make it all your own, so when we are apart, you'll never be alone. — Shawn Mendes, "Never Be Alone"

  • "You are my sunrise on the darkest day." — Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, "Despacito"

  • "Your heart is all I own. And in your eyes, you're holding mine." — Ed Sheeran, "Perfect"

  • "I'm in love with you and all these little things." — One Direction, "Little Things"

Otherwise, there are some longer Romantic Song Lyrics you can check out here.

#5: A Poem

When you are thoughtful at choosing a gift for a person, you will remember it for a lifetime. Being a thoughtful gift-giver is about selecting a gift that reflects one’s beliefs, thoughts and views. Ask them about their favorite quote, something that they deeply believe in, or what values do they carry… Understanding them and giving them a gift that is aligned with their values and beliefs would make the present become extraordinarily special.

A thoughtful gift that touches their soul.


#6: A funny meme



  • Every time you kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey.

  • You and Tequilla, make me crazy

  • I’ll be your shot of whiskey, You’ll be my glass of wine.

  • Eat, Drink and be merry.

  • Wine a little, laugh a lot.

  • Age. Get better with...wine

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