Top 5 Brush Calligraphy Classes you must watch on Skillshare! (#Beginners)

As a full-time worker, I always seek for learning resources that I could learn new things whenever and wherever I want. Online Classes and Online courses have been all over the Internet and I’m sure you’ve heard of SkillShare!

But wait, who invented Skillshare?

We know about Skillshare but we usually don’t acknowledge the person behind it.  The founder of Skillshare is Michael Karnjanaprakorn who was born in Virginia, but raised in Korea. His family moved back to U.S when he was in middle school. Having been a young entrepreneur, he acknowledged the limitations and frustrations in the traditional education system and saw the needs for self-taught learning or learning in freedom. And so Skillshare was born.




Why should I pay for Skillshare?

It is SIMPLE. It’s because it’s WORTH it. So I found Skillshare and signed up for some classes for beginners back in 2016. It kept me motivated because:

  • I was able to create different projects to show my art and get feedback, which I relate to “HOMEWORK” (a very common term for students in Asia, we would have homework everyday after every class). Besides, it is important to reflect on what we have learnt and how we applied to our works so that we can build “muscle memory” and remember the letter forms.
  • Join the community and see others’ projects on the same topic.
  • See the draft project from the teacher.

How long will it take for me to learn and improve?

It depends on how often you learn and practice on Skillshare. I am a perfectionist in some ways and I never stopped learning to be honest. But here is a quick inside for you. It took me almost 4 years from a complete newbie to a calligrapher ( now I am confident to say that :D). The photo was Before (2016) and After (2017). So it really depends on how patience and passionate you are as well!.

But I know one thing, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”

Check out some of my past projects on Skillshare here!


Are you still reading????

YAY! I won’t keep you waiting!

Here is TOP 10 Brush Calligraphy Classes for beginners. ( I have tried out many classes for my calligraphy journey and here are my selections )


1. Brush Lettering: The Beginner's Guide

- Peggy Dean

Project Example

“This class breaks down the fundamentals of basic strokes necessary to correctly use brush pens of all sizes. Beginning with brush pens is a learning curve itself, aside from hand lettering. You must get familiar with how to properly use the brush tip, as its varying pressure and thickness will make or break your piece.” - Peggy Dean

2. Bounce Letters: Adding Character to your Hand Lettering

- Teela Cunningham

Click on the photo to visit the class!


In this class, you will learn how to add bounce, the best lettering combos and opportunities to add bounce, and how much is too little or too much. You’ll go through some quick exercises to practice and develop nice letter combo muscle memory so you’ll be able to begin adding bounce to your own specific style by the end of the class!

3. Anyone Can Brush Letter: Modern Calligraphy For Complete Beginners

- Yasmina Creates

Click on the photo to visit the class!


In this class, Yasmina provides tons of practice sheets including drills, lowercase, uppercase, bounce lettering and so on. It is certainly a very resourceful class you must check out.

4. Brush Lettering for Beginners: How to Get Started the Best Way for Success

- Shelley Hitz

Click on the photo to visit the class!

A simple class to get you started. Shelly also provides the resources for your learning process, practice sheet, black practice sheet and more  to make for your self-learning become easier.

5. The ABCs of Brush Pen Lettering | Learn The Miniscule (Lowercase) Alphabet in 20 Minutes!

- Emma Witte

Click on the photo to visit the class!

In this class, Emma will show you the basic form and how to build the letter forms so they you will be able tp train yourself to self-assess your work in future. 

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