In LOVE with the lost art of Calligraphy! - Featured on Taranaki Weddings

Calligraphy is defined as “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner”. With modern technology and the vast range of downloadable fonts available – Calligraphy is in danger of becoming a lost at – it’s so beautiful to see it being used in stunning Wedding Stationery and Gifts. in both it’s traditional from, as well as using modern techniques by the incredible, by the incredibly talented Hayley Vu of Written.

We’re stoked to have had the chance to get to know Hayley better and find out what makes her passionate about her craft – her “Why” is quite beautiful – read on to find out more”-

How long have you worked in the Wedding Industry (specifically in Taranaki as well)?
Calligraphy and Design have always been my hobbies, originally, I thought I should really focus on something related to Calligraphy. So I only started branching into Weddings in 2020. It’s been a year and a half and I love it!


Have you always worked in the Industry – if not, what did you do before?
No, I actually studied Hotel Management at PIHMS and graduated in 2020. I’ve been working in Hospitality since 2015. I thought I would love Hospitality when I was younger, but I slowly figured out what I love in life, and what I love to do everyday. It would definitely be art, it’s always motivated me


What made you want to work in the Wedding Industry?
For me it comes to the nature of what I’m doing. When people think of Calligraphy, they often think of nice hand-writing on wedding envelopes, place cards, and more. I was struggling to choose what to do with the skills that I have, which lead me to keep taking chances on projects . I have had this habit of falling in love with stationery and paper products from a young age. When I’m feeling very literal, I call myself a “papyrophiliac”. I’m someone who has been obsessed with the love for stationery for more than half my life.
It was my upbringing that pushed me in this direction. I was a child who wore clothes, scarfs, everything made by her mum till secondary school. I always received love from mum and this makes me want to give love the same way she gave me. I want to give people meaningful experiences and memories that last.


Is this your full-time occupation or your side hustle?
This is only my side hustle as I still have my hospitality job, and still exploring where my future might lead. Having Written helps me to stay creative and spend my time more wisely when I’m off work. I would love to move to Full-time at some stage and I’m still trying to reach that goal.


What’s your favourite moment in a wedding?
For me it has to be the Ceremony. As I grew up in Vietnam, our weddings are often huge! Maybe 100-150 at minimum (I know right lol). I feel like people often get carried away with catching up with friends and family. The ceremony is the true moment of serenity. When everyone can look back on the couple’s journey, to reflect on their own, and to fully appreciate what it took to achieve this destination . This is the most meaningful moment in my mind, one we won’t ever forget after the wedding day. This cornerstone of the relationship, that a couple will become husband and wife.


What’s your favourite thing about working in this Industry?
Creating personalized designs that are meaningful to the couple always brings a spark to my eye!. I feel like I’m giving love to the world. Besides, writing or drawing beautiful letters is so therapeutic, I could easily have a meditation session while working haha.


Tells us three interesting – non wedding related – things that people might want to know about you?
I moved to New Zealand in 2014, when I was 17. Instantly falling in love with the country.
I started sewing when I was 8 as my mum always had a sewing machine in the house (you can tell my mum had a big influence on me haha)
I am self-taught artist.

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