How to use affirmation cards?

Do you know that an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. (According to the National Science Foundation)

Our brain inclines to focus more on negative thoughts and worries because it wants to protect you from a negative experience. In fact, negative thoughts are just a reflection of our feelings, and sometimes, you can't choose how you feel. You feel down when someones criticize you or you feel happy when someone surprises you with a gift. Either way, you feel certain ways in different circumstances and it just happens, without your compliance. After all, we are just human.

However, choosing to get rid of the negative pep-talk or choosing to focus on the bright side, you can decide. I am the same as you. I have tons of insecurity and uncertainty in every decision I make but isn't it just the beautiful part of life? 

I realize that negative thoughts affect my mood and rather than focusing on problems, I told myself that it is supposed to happen to make me stronger every day. One of the things that helps me a lot is reading a lot of motivational quotes and affirmation quotes to lift up my mood and make me believe that it is true.

While motivational quotes inspire us to do what we love and keep us going, Affirmation cards help us to increase our self-esteem and be aware of our self-worth.

You might be wondering what are affirmation cards though?

Affirmation Cards are a set of inspirational cards that contain different powerful affirmation statements. It is a self-care tool to increase the level of your self-awareness and boost your daily positivity. The idea behind Affirmation cards is that positive thoughts attract positive things to come to your life.

Reading these affirmations cards help you to start your day with a positive vibe, push the negative thoughts at the back of your mind, boost your confidence and feel good about yourself.

The more you say the affirmations written in the cards, the more you believe it is true. Uplifting mindfulness affirmations can trigger visual senses stimulating the feeling of pleasure, love and desire. It helps you handle a certain situation in life positively and overcome negative thoughts about yourself or your life.

What are negative thoughts we all have?

  • I am not good enough
  • I can't do it
  • I'm not as lucky as other people
  • I don't think I'll ever...........
  • I should be better than I am
  • I am no strong enough
  • Nobody cares
  • I am not smart enough
  • If I don't do well, I'm a failure
  • Bad things will happen¬†

(according to

We might have tons of other negative thoughts and guess what, they actually aren't true and they limit ourselves to reach our true potential. If you haven't read the book "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins, I'd definitely recommend it  because it actually changes the way I think about myself. 

Almost one-third of people in New Zealand have a personal experience of mental distress (Community & Public Health), and I've been surrounded by people who suffer from mental health illness. I just thought of what I can do to help, and with my ART???

I found affirmation cards are such a great idea and here I am. Drawing all the quotes I love to motivate people :)

How to use Affirmation cards?

 There are so many more ways that you can do with affirmation cards like:

  • Stick them on your mirror
  • Put them on your phone screen
  • Give it to someone who need it
  • Stick it in your car
  • And anyway you want to use it for *-<
Here is my little box of Posivitity or 12 cards pack



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  • ] Izieboi

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  • ] Oxocoveno


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