How to incorporate Calligraphy into your wedding?

Calligraphy is a form of decorative handwriting and has traditionally used on the envelopes of invitations. Nowadays, calligraphy is often seen on the Wedding Invitation, a Wedding Bridal Jacket, and other formal items. Most of these designs are created on computers picked from a list of calligraphy fonts. However, as beautiful as these pre-made calligraphy fonts are, there is something so much more attractive about a card or invitation that has hand-written calligraphy crafted on it; the lettering tjen becomes a personalised work of art.

Including handwritten calligraphy into your wedding allows you to customize all the little details that your guest will appreciate. We know you wish for your guests to feel included and enthusiastic for the big day, as well as minimising your long line-up list.

Today, we would like to share ten ways to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding, adding one more flourish to your perfect day. 

1. The Invitations and envelopes

Each style of writing is known as a 'hand' rather than a 'font' because it’s written individually. And each calligrapher has a different “calli” or style. Hence, it is quite important to be clear which style you want for your day. All these Hand-calligraphed invitations, or escort cards, will help set the tone for your wedding, giving your guest hints of what to expect. Maybe even setting the dress code for the theme!

It is a unique experience to open your mailbox to find your name next to the event address written by calligraphy. It is such a great way to show how much you appreciate your guest, leaving an amazing first impression of your special day.

Let’s take a look at one of the ultimate collections of unique Wedding Invitations by Filangi.

 (Filangi, 2019)

An Acrylic wedding invitation will impress your special guest covered in an elegant envelope.

2. Wedding Welcome Signs

Finally!!! It’s your wedding day! A large crafted sign perfect welcome for the guest arriving at your wedding. This is one of my favourite places to add hand-written calligraphy touches to add hand-written calligraphy touches. Your welcome sign will be customised with names the date, maybe even a wedding hashtag also!

You might wonder: “What happens to those signs after the wedding if they can’t be sold or hired”. Don’t worry, this will be a topic for my next post on Written. Oops, I spoiled it already :)

Let's get back to it! My advice is to you make sure your welcome sign reflects your style whether it is bright, modern, soft or a little rustic.

Visit our signage on Written to get the modern acrylic package with any wedding decor customized for your special day.

(, 2021)

3. Ceremony Backdrop

The theme of your wedding depends on each of the elements coming together. A wedding backdrop can complement your day adding another level to your style. The overall look will be created from that; so as your photo. A perfect ceremony backdrop can play an important part for the photographer to catch your moment and deliver a precious photo! 

“When the scenery captures the light and theme of your wedding just right, every photograph will take your breath away and leave you with happy memories of your special day” (Rennie, 2017).

(, 2021)

The idea of using a favourite or meaningful phrase written in stunning calligraphy to serve as a wedding ceremony backdrop would be a good drop! The message can be painted onto fabric written onto a roll of art paper.

4. Seating Charts & Escort Cards

If you’re having a wedding with assigned seating, we have three options for you to choose from to lead your guests to their seats including: seating charts, escort cards, and place cards.

So, what are the differences between the three?

Seating charts are one of the easiest options to set up and arrange at your wedding. An acrylic sign or wooden board, leant on a wall or prop up on a table, with a calligraphic touch of course, will lead them in the right direction. A seating chart has all your guest’s name in alphabetical order or table number accordingly.

Differently from seating charts, escort cards will have your guest names and table number, handed out for each individual. Depending on the size of your wedding, you decide what is included on each. Whether words full name or just the first name. Personally I think escort cards are really interactive having guests walk up to each table to find their card, creates more chances for them to exchange conversation with others.

“Escort cards can double as favors! Use something like marble tiles or shells that your guests can take home as a keepsake from your wedding”

(, 2021)

(, 2021)

A seating chart is usually arranged by table number, with the names of each guest at that table below, while escort cards are individual cards alphabetized by guest name that direct escort guests to appropriate tables. Both seating charts and escort cards are extremely useful, but they can look outstanding in calligraphy!

5. Place Cards

While a seating chart or escort card will accommodate your guest to a specific table, you’ll also need place cards if you want to direct your guests to a specific seat at that table. 

So, which option is right for you? Any combination can be done to meet your personal preference!

I love these gold color-dipped place cards with deckled edges – or beautiful calligraphy tags.

6. Scroll of Calligraphy With Your Vows

( , n.d)

7. Drink and Dinner Menu

The menu will be designed with calligraphy lettering for guests, that is if your wedding includes food or drinks. This is a great time to present a little personal touch to your special people. One a tip is using the regular formatting to make sure the descriptions of food and drinks are readable!

(, 2021) 

(, n.d)

An elegant calligraphy menu was displayed to welcome your guests as bonus points for this delicious rosemary bread.

8. Sweetheart Chairs With Adorable Labels

So, why do you need chair signs at your wedding?

When it comes to this special day, you and your partner are always the irrefutable stars of the show. Why not take every opportunity to stand out? This includes the very chairs  hanging with your initials on which you sit!

Not only the bride and groom, but also the family members can have their own chair, maybe even the bridesmaid and groomsman as well.

( , 2021)

How to create special signs for the bride and groom’s chairs? Calligraphed signs or fabric banners with a little posy of flowers could be the answer!

9. Spell out the table number

Spelling out the table numbers is a practical detail you don't want to miss in your wedding. Please do not think it is boring! They can be stylish adding to your reception which leads the guest finding their seat at ease.

(, 2021)

Paper table numbers or a square wood block would make things simple with a white paint pen; which helps you achieve a DIY project. Or let’s go modern with the look of geodes; known as suitable for a romantic, outdoor wedding.

Credit: Harwell photography

10. Romantic Draped Tablecloth With a Quote in Script or a gorgeous table runner

Let's think outside of the box! What if your wedding vows or, a favourite poem are written onto a roll of art paper and turned into the table runner, ensuring that the word was only on each side of the table so that your centrepieces aren't able to cover the text. It would be the perfect addition to the head table for a romantic wedding.

(, 2018)

Not only those ten elements, calligraphy can finalize your “day-to-remember’’ more magical and elevate everything to a work of art.

From “Yes” to “I do”, why not let a calligrapher deliver that luxe, elegant touch to your wedding

Start planning your special day today with Written. Visit our awesome website and Instagram to get more ideas or even contact us to discuss any customisation you would want us to bring to your wedding.

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