5 ideas to DIY your wedding calligraphy.

Holding a wedding can be burdensome for people who have a tight budget. There are too many things that have a high cost, such as planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, musicians… anything you can think of. 

Cutting down any of these could be a poor idea, because of their important role. Obviously we do not want to miss out on any of them.

However, Written could help you minimizing budget stress with 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO HAVE PERSONALIZED CALLIGRAPHY. That both makes your wedding more meaningful and saves on costs.

But first, you need to know what CALLIGRAPHY is.

Calligraphy can be understood as a handwritten job in which a person uses tools to create letters on things like; papers, cosmetic boxes, books, pencils, pictures, wood, etc… anything can be marked on it.

Nowadays, with the development of the wedding industry, and technology, more and more people desire personalization. As it not only creates emotional connections with the guests but also a memorable wedding event. Hence, Calligraphy would be a perfect option when it comes to personalization. As it is handwritten so each product is truly one-of-a-kind.

Handwriting requires more time and care in a letter than typing or texting.

So basically, choosing calligraphy means that you have something DESIGNED JUST FOR YOUR WEDDING.

Now here the ways to DIY your eco-friendly wedding.

1. Using old vases or empty wine bottles for a Table Number.

We usually have things like old vases or empty bottles of wine, water, milk... in your homes right? Now is the time to use them to make Table Number with calligraphy! Don't worry about uniformity in design or size, the diversity will make it interesting. A special personalized pop for each table.

While people need to pay to buy papers or metal then the printing on them, you can do calligraphy on second-hand items like bottles which are made from glass, porcelain, plastic with a myriad of shapes. At the same time, an amazing idea would be to use it as a table number or even a flower bottle decorating the dining room.

Remember, you already have these materials!

Creative Seating Chart


Eco-friendly Table Number




2. Using Eco-friendly materials for Place Cards.

Instead of consuming more papers, be environmentally friendly! Why not use natural and reusable materials such as muscle shells, seashells, or leaves instead.

Just collect leaves or pick up seashells FOR FREE!

If you have nice handwriting, you could either write it yourself or hire a local calligrapher to help you out. And sometimes it doesn't matter how it looks as long as it's made by you, or your friends, who want to take part in your only one wedding.

Seashell place cards


Leaf Place Cards



3. Use your own mirror/frame for the Seating Chart or Signage.

One more unique idea, right?

The daily mirror for mirroring and decorating has just added one more function for itself by becoming a seating chart or signage with a chalkboard pen.

After the wedding, you can easily wipe it off. This means you can save on hiring or buying new items for signage. Then use that budget for hiring a calligrapher who would be able to create complete one-of-a-kind signage.

If you want to keep that calligraphed signage as a new decoration in your house, it's yours! Beyond the pictures, keeping signage is also great a way to preserve wedding memories.

Name Sign on Frame glass


Mirror Wedding Sign


DIY Welcome sign


Here is a quick video on how I made a sign for a Birthday Event using frame glass and a chalk marker. What an effortless way to create a beautiful sign from scratch. Putting this sign on an easel and hang some dried flowers or vines would make it look so creative and would make your guests WOW about what you can do.

4. Pre Design your own wedding invitations.

Have you ever thought about being able to save time and money by ordering pre-designed invitation templates and simply changing the content you want?

Just click on the links and follow the instructions on the right tab, you will have a set of invitations with the names of the guests filled out at a much more reasonable cost than hiring a wedding stationery designer.

Intrinsically, there are some steps for you to do:

ᐧ 1st: purchase the template you like

ᐧ 2nd: look for the email from the supplier and log in the website they ask for

· 3rd: re-design your own base on the available template

· 4th: download your files and print

Just in 30 minutes, you'll have your personalized design without added stress from considering designers who match your style.

Calligraphy Pour Toi suggests some bestseller designs on Etsy for you now.

*** Vintage style: Wine Wedding offers you a variety of invitation templates to choose from. By simply editing on Corjl ( an editor and visualization platform where you can personalize a product and try out the demo for FREE), you will be able to see the complete design and then you can decide whether or not to purchase it.

Here are more styles for you to consider.

***Bohemian style: EdenWood Paperie has plenty of designs focusing on Calligraphy. As you choose one from them, you just need to log in Templett (as similar as Corjl), personalize your owl template and print when it's done.

EdenWood Paperie's Wedding Invitation design

***Minimalism Style: PoshAndPeachy definitely is a multi-style designer with Calligraphy, including in myriad Minimalism templates. As same as the first style's instruction, this supplier uses Corjl that lets you try before buying. How reassuring!

Every seller on Etsy will have different offers on the available Fonts and Color options, all you have to do is probably wandering on Etsy and figure which designs and costs would suit you best. However, we all know that it would save us so much time and effort. :)

5. Calligraphy on homemade cookies/macarons/ muffins for wedding favors.

Finally, everyone loves to be taken care of and being someone special, don't they?

So do your guests!

Just a little bit extra time for baking, you can give your guests a double sweetness gift.

Calligraphy can be done on cookies, macarons, and muffins. With their own names written, you will show them your appreciation, your gratitude, and your love.


Instead of just saying “thank you", a dessert attaching individual names is a touching present.

The moment the waitress put the dessert on the table with their name, they will be left speechless.

We're sure that no one can ignore this special cuteness and they will take pictures to remember this experience.

Hopefully, with these tiny suggestions above, Calligraphy Pour Toi has given you more ideas to reduce costs for the upcoming wedding. If you need someone to help you turn them all into reality, don’t hesitate to contact Calligraphy Pour Toi, we would love to hear about your ideas and your dream wedding.

Your friendly calligrapher,

Hayley Vu

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